Our mission

Crohn's disease is an awful disease. Those who have it suffer greatly when the outburst hits, and are in constant stress and straggle to maintain remission, between outbursts.
Those of us lucky enough not to have Crohn's disease - rarely understand the pains and reduction in quality of life associated with it.
Our mission is to introduce a daily treatment, non-chemical, which will ease and shorten disease outburst periods and increase remission time.


A swallowable home-use disposable capsule that delivers specific therapeutic light protocol
to the Gastrointestinal tract, for the purpose of treating Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD)
and Crohn's Disease (CD) in particular.

Home use disposable capsule

The PhotoPill requires no preparation procedure, no external steering or imaging of the treated area.
It travels through the GI tract, and excreted naturally.

Light Therapy or Photo-bio-stimulation

The PhotoPill capsule emits specific light protocols, to stimulate mucosal healing and reduce inflammation.
PhotoPill uses a LED based non-thermal, non-ionizing light wavelengths, to illuminate the inflamed intestine walls.